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The Okecie Airport

The Okecie International Airport(code WAW)is Warsaw's only international airport. Located 5 miles south of the city the airport is easily accesible from the city center(Srodmiescie). Regular bus and taxi service connects the airport with the city center, other parts of Warsaw, and different cities in Poland. Polski Express service operates between the Okecie airport and the city center every 20 to 25 minutes. On Sundays and public holidays the service operates every 45 minutes. Public bus 175 connects Okecie daily with the city center and the Old Town. Public bus 118 connect Okecie to the eastern part of the city Warsaw. Taking a bus is the cheaper alternative, however, it takes much longer than a taxi and is not advisable for tourists arriving during late hours. Taking a taxi to the city center costs about 40 zloty and takes about 20 minutes. Make sure to confirm the taxi's fare before taking off. Your cost should be approximately 2 zloty per km. It is advisable to take taxis, which have only the airport markings.

For information more please call: (022) 650-4140 (general information), (022) 650-3943 (departure information), or (022) 650-4220 (arrival information). Alternatively, please go to: for more information.

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