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We have moved out of the Downtown area and are now in the Nowy Swiat Street. Literally it means New World. Before World War II the street was one of the most elegant streets in Warsaw with many upscale stores and cafes. Today this atmosphere is being recreated. The street was recently given a face-lift. The buildings all along the street were renovated, the streets were made narrower, and the through-traffic has been greatly restricted. In addition, Nowy Swiat Street is dotted with turn-of- the-century street lights, which resemble the pre-wars ones. And yes, the prices are pretty nice too. Whether Dior or Gucci, you will find it here, but be prepared to leave some Polish zloty behind. If you follow this street to the end you will pass the Warsaw University (Uniwersytet Warszawski) and finally end up in the Old-Town.


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