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Warsaw (population: around 2.1 million and growing rapidly)

Central Europe. Poland borders Germany to the west, Russia, Lituania, Ukraine and Belarus to the east, and the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south.

Total: 312,683 sq km. Poland is roughly the size of Colorado.

Land boundaries
Total: 2,888 km
Border countries:
Belarus 605 km, Czech Republic 658 km, Germany 456 km, Lithuania 91 km, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast) 206 km, Slovakia 444 km, Ukraine 428 km

Temperate with cold, cloudy, moderately severe winters with frequent precipitation; mild summers with frequent showers and thundershowers.

Mostly flat plain in the northern parts. Tatra mountains along the southern border

Elevation extremes
Lowest point: Raczki Elblaskie -2 m
Highest point: Rysy 2,499 m (the Tatra mountains)

Natural resources
Coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt

Natural hazards
none really


38,633,912 (July 2001 est.)

Polish(97.6%). Small German minority(1.3%) in the region of Upper Silesia(Slask).

Polish (Polski). English and German is understood by many young people.

Holidays in Poland
January 1st (New Year)
Easter Sunday and Easter Monday
May 1st (Labor Day)
May 3rd (Constitution Day)
Corpus Christi (9th Thursday after Easter)
August 15th (Assumption of the Virgin Mary)
November 1st (All Saints Day)
November 11th(Independence Day)
25th/26th of December (Christmas)


Total fertility rate
1.45 children born/woman (1999 est.)

Infant mortality rate
12.76 deaths/1,000 live births (1999 est.)

Life expectancy at birth
Total population: 73.06 years
Male: 68.93 years
Female: 77.41 years (1999 est.)

Roman Catholic 95% (about 75% practicing), Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and other 5%

1 zloty (Zl) = 100 groszy. 1 dollar is worth about 4.3 ZL (June 2001). The zloty has denominations of 1 zl, 2zl, and 5zl which are coins, and 10zl, 20zl, 50zl, 100zl, 200zl, which are notes. Other currencies are freely convertible at banks or at currency exchanges ( called Kantor in Poland).

Machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass, beverages, textiles

Exports - commodities
Manufactured goods, chemicals 57%, machinery and equipment 21%, food and live animals 12%, mineral fuels 7%, other 3%

Imports - commodities
Manufactured goods, chemical 43%, machinery and equipment 36%, mineral fuels 9%, food and live animals 8%, other 4%

8.2 million (1996)

Telephone system
Underdeveloped and outdated system; government aims to have 10 million telephones in service by 2000; the process of partial privatization of the state-owned telephone monopoly (Telekomunikacja) has begun.

Radio broadcast stations
AM 27, FM 75, shortwave 1 (1994 est.)

9.9 million registered (1996)

Television broadcast stations
150 (1997)

9.4 million registered (1996)

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